Majestic Fauness (all positions except envelope)


All is not as it seems, in the forest where the fauness resides. With nature and the elements at her command, she throws curious travelers, and hunters off course, ensuring that the secrets of the forest remain undiscovered.


  • Af879f2d9aced3 [Animal] Majestic Fauness
  • 20c76a8d9aced9 [Animal] Majestic Fauness (Hair)
  • 5a0739ed9aced7 [Animal] Majestic Fauness (Eyes)
  • 9ff7d4ec9acedb [Animal] Majestic Fauness (melody)
  • D547cc4d9aced5 [Animal] Majestic Fauness (skirt)
  • 54ab07499aced1 [Animal] Majestic Fauness (legs)
  • Eb9bb9289acecf [Animal] Majestic Fauness (skin)
  • 77d9a6819a868b [Animal] April 2015 Collectible Envelope

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