Magical Girl (all positions)


"Ah, the sweet life of a Magical Schoolgirl: secret powers, cutesy costumes, billowing bows and your very own adorable animal sidekick. But, as a wise man once said to his radioactive nephew, with great power comes great responsibility. Are you prepared to shriek with glee all the time, often for no reason? Will your friends recognize you after you dye your hair pink and add -chan to your name? Only the strong, powerful and ridiculously cute need apply!"


  • 3168b0f84c1d Magical Girl
  • Be2845584c1b Magical Girl (Puffy Pink Wig)
  • 4ba8e3984c1f Magical Girl (Super-Long Bow Train)
  • F4985df94c21 Magical Girl (Magical Lovely Aura)
  • Fa34635d4c27 Magical Girl (Source of Magical Power)
  • 3fc48e5c4c2b Magical Girl (Magical Uniform)
  • 80f4303d4c29 Magical Girl (Phee-chan the Magical Sidekick)


  • This item resembles uniforms from the Sailor Moon manga.

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