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A girl loved the dusky rose theme so much that she wanted everything painted in this color scheme. She started questing tickets and joined a revolution (The Dusky Rose revolution Guild to be exact) this scheme made her so mad that she quested a Mad Marionette, and thus it was born.

Positions Edit

  • B94f5f5f9cc741 Mad for Marionette
  • C38f0c3f9cc743 Mad for Marionette (Short Bangs)
  • E05649e29cc753 Mad for Marionette (Long Bangs)
  • 7cbfb25e9cc745 Mad for Marionette (Short Hair)
  • 87932a3a9cc747 Mad for Marionette (Twintail Hair)
  • Fd53795a9cc749 Mad for Marionette (Corset)
  • 72138cfa9cc74b Mad for Marionette (Shorts)
  • 8d3df9a9cc74d Mad for Marionette (Boots)
  • B7e361fb9cc74f Mad for Marionette (Legs)
  • 9a961a829cc751 Mad for Marionette (Shirt)

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  • This recolor was designed by user coppaangel.

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