In a covenant with Death himself, the moon god obtained a weapon that gave him the power that he needed to overtake the skies from the grasp of the sky god.


  • 63f581a12f55 Lunar Scythe
  • Dcc53fc02f57 Lunar Scythe (Lunar Covenant)
  • 6a2106af2f59 Lunar Scythe (Waxing Crescent)
  • 10e155cf2f5b Lunar Scythe (Waning Crescent)
  • 9fa1a06f2f5d Lunar Scythe (Waxing Gibbous)
  • E561f30f2f5f Lunar Scythe (Waning Gibbous)
  • 5a514d6e2f61 Lunar Scythe (Crescent Slash)
  • A17dd50a2f63 Lunar Scythe (Gibbous Slash)

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