Lovestruck Cupid (all positions except envelope)


"When given the cruel task of cursing the beautiful young woman, due to his mother's jealousy, Cupid finds himself struck by his own arrows, falling desperately in love with the girl named Psyche. Items include hair, pained face, bow and arrow, pants, starry wings, and fallen roses."


  • Aa8ca3659de9bd Lovestruck Cupid
  • 7eb036519dedf3 Lovestruck Cupid (Hair)
  • Bf025e3d9dee23 Lovestruck Cupid (face)
  • B1ae60999dee1d Lovestruck Cupid (Wings)
  • 7af2b33c9dee27 Lovestruck Cupid (pants)
  • 4a82f8fd9dee1f Lovestruck Cupid (Roses)
  • C5c20d5d9dee25 Lovestruck Cupid (arrows to heart)
  • C47ff51a9dc561 February 2017 Collectible Envelope

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