Lonesome Psyche (all positions except envelope)

Description[edit | edit source]

The most beautiful in all the land, her life is threatened by the jealous rage of the Goddess of love herself; but is instead whisked away under the wings of Cupid himself. Items include braid of roses, bouquet headband, eyes, bow, rose print shawl, sheer shirt, and skirt.

Positions[edit | edit source]

  • 15bc1d049de9bb.png Lonesome Psyche
  • F526d7e49dee0f.png Lonesome Psyche (rosy hair)
  • 7a6622449dee0d.png Lonesome Psyche (eyes)
  • Fb8ae9409dee09.png Lonesome Psyche (bow)
  • 30d63ae59dee13.png Lonesome Psyche (blouse)
  • 8fe684849dee11.png Lonesome Psyche (skirt)
  • A671249dee0b.png Lonesome Psyche (rosy shawl)
  • C47ff51a9dc561.png February 2017 Collectible Envelope

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