Lady of the Mist: All positions except envelope


Guardian of the Ivory Crow, She waits in the mist for a knight worthy enough to claim the sword.


  • 1af4d3209a3915 Lady of the Mist
  • 1110b6e9a3945 Lady of the Mist (Ivory Crow)
  • C4e1e66f9a3949 Lady of the Mist (Misty Cloak)
  • 427594c19a3967 Lady of the Mist (Hair)
  • 15c0bcd89a396b Lady of the Mist (Eyes)
  • 8c58c609a3961 Lady of the Mist (Misty Skirt)
  • 6f00efb89a3969 Lady of the Mist (Enchanted Lake)
  • Fdf0bcb898df8f December 2014 Collectible Envelope

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