Lady Glaive (all positions)


"Lady Glaive is a fearless weapons master, as strong as she is beautiful. Her satin bustle hides a cache of swords, her thigh-high boots have razor-sharp heels, and even her corset is impenetrable armor disguised in gilded silk."


  • 4b881e57159eb Lady Glaive
  • Fa149e92159e3 Lady Glaive (Garnet Curls)
  • F943852159df Lady Glaive (Gilded Chemise)
  • 80d4cdf2159e1 Lady Glaive (Embroidered Pantaloons)
  • Be08b897159e7 Lady Glaive (Weapons Bustle)
  • C4c8ebf7159e9 Lady Glaive (Razor Boots)

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