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Never before have so many essential things been combined: a key, a sword, a guitar, and a musical keyboard. You'll never need another instrument for as long as you live.

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  • F46c1aa795af Keytarblade
  • 428823c895b1 Keytarblade (Back-Mounted Right)
  • 384870a895b3 Keytarblade (Back-Mounted Left)
  • B708850895b5 Keytarblade (Umbra)
  • Cdc8d66895b7 Keytarblade (holding Umbra)
  • 72f8680995b9 Keytarblade (Stellafruit)
  • 89d4f06d95bb Keytarblade (Stellafruit on my head)
  • F314a30d95bd Keytarblade (sansheart tattoo)

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