Karasu (all positions except envelope)


"A young crow tengu, Karasu enchants summer nights with light strums on his shamisen as he watches over the hopeful shrine visitors so that every prayer is accompanied with a gentle hymn to the gods. Includes a moonlit background, wings, hair, tengu mask on head, sitting leg pose, hands playing shamisen, and a gorgeous sleeveless robe."


  • 4e45cf929b714b Karasu
  • 858d8d4f9b716f Karasu (Mask)
  • 3abd332e9b716d Karasu (Hair)
  • 9ff0045d9b7187 Karasu (Robe)
  • 2e6c84989b718f Karasu (Shamisen)
  • 6a70a29d9b718b Karasu (Legs)
  • 10b0f1fd9b7189 Karasu (Wings)
  • Abd13cdd9a86dd August 2015 Collectible Envelope

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