In Fondest Memory (all positions except envelope)


"A good witch with a dark secret-- loving a person who the world had fooled into believing was wicked. Her deepest regret? Wishing she had flown with her that day when their lives were changed forever."


  • This item references Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz.


  • F88d73809d2e8b In Fondest Memory
  • D0dd5409d2e87 In Fondest Memory (Hair)
  • 4911f3459d2e93 In Fondest Memory (Face)
  • Bc9155859d2e8f In Fondest Memory (Dress)
  • 47bdcde19d2e8d In Fondest Memory (Heels)
  • 824d20e09d2e89 In Fondest Memory (Coat)
  • C65106e59d2e91 In Fondest Memory (Bubbles)
  • 3aa8cebf9c072d September 2016 Collectible Envelope

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