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Rina's been on this Dropplr site for a while now, and she's got all sorts of things to show Kanoko. Some of them are sweet, some of them are weird -- and others are just downright terrifying. Will the pair of them be able to maintain their sanity? Or are they stuck on a sinking ship?

In Deep Ship

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After having not seen Rina outside of her home in the last three months, Kanoko has decided to take it upon herself to pay her dear friend a visit. Needless to say, Kanoko was horrified to discover that Rina has spent nearly all of her time browsing Dropplr, obsessing over various pairings and shotgunning cans of soda to stay awake. Eager to share her overwhelming enthusiasm with Kanoko, Rina begins to show her deeply concerned friend her favorite posts.

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  • This item was granted from playing Lake Kindred during the 2016 Easter event.

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