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Join Brennivin as he accepts the invitation to the wizard's ball and meets wizards from other times in the ultimate inspirational trip!

Impractical Gala


"Vá! Laglegur Gaian, look! I received invitation!

"An awe-inspiring gala, with wizards and other magical kin anticipated from across Gaian timeline! Many gather centennially for djammið at castle, outside temporal universe, to storytell and trade new invented spells!

"AND they wear their fashionable clothes of all ages and different places... Hvetjandi, já! <3<3<3

"I always have +1 privilege, but I've never used... Maybe this time you want to be my companion?

"I must uh... "hobnob," a bit, þú veist... But you'll find friends, I can safely say!"

Yes btn 264

Yes, lets go!

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