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Hear me roar!!


  • 9d5d28939a2259.png Imperial Wyvern
  • 226d96f29a225b.png Imperial Wyvern (adorned tail)
  • F18ed8b9a225d.png Imperial Wyvern (adorned claws)
  • 75d8beeb9a225f.png Imperial Wyvern (drapes)
  • Fa984b4b9a2261.png Imperial Wyvern (hair)
  • 8058182b9a2263.png Imperial Wyvern (pants)
  • 3f68a64a9a2265.png Imperial Wyvern (dragon's confidence)
  • C4443e2e9a2267.png Imperial Wyvern (wings)

Related Items[]

  • 2fb0f65b9e2059.png Gilded's Sinful Wyvern
  • 49074629d540f.png Glacial Imperial Wyvern
  • Dd9920eb9d7deb.png Golden Wyvern
  • 94f55f729a2ca1.png Magisterial Wyvern
  • 504cc3c9a2857.png Royal Wyvern
  • 48cc6d379a2843.png Sovereign Wyvern
  • Beaf0a299ed357.png Starborne Imperial Wyvern
  • F06c3cd69c0aad.png Stormy Wyvern
  • B4a2abff9b8c55.png Unique Wyvern

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