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Why not take a stroll through the Veil, I swear it won't hurt you.

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  • C34086699c1447 Her Sly Embrace
  • 7c7038089c1449 Her Sly Embrace (Ombre Tresses)
  • 875ca06c9c144b Her Sly Embrace (Sardonic Grin)
  • Fd9cf30c9c144d Her Sly Embrace (Kohl Make-up)
  • 72dc06ac9c144f Her Sly Embrace (Leather Jacket)
  • 81c55cc9c1451 Her Sly Embrace (Sheer Camisole)
  • B72cebad9c1453 Her Sly Embrace (Skinny Jeans)
  • 1c8d2c29c1455 Her Sly Embrace (Cowl Scarf)
  • 7b0881a29c1457 Her Sly Embrace (Headstone Perch)

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  • This item references the character Death in The Sandman comic book series.
  • This recolor was designed by user sup-qt.

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