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Legends claim a vengeful demon wielding two sacred pistols was forsaken from Hell for executing Satan's guard dog. Now they roam the earth extinguishing evil in search for the entrance to Heaven.

Positions[edit | edit source]

  • 6e31899b9af893.png Heaven's Judgement
  • 2057852f9af89b.png Heaven's Judgement (corrupt hand)
  • 644ba32a9af89f.png Heaven's Judgement (ponytailed hair)
  • 91cb05ea9af8a3.png Heaven's Judgement (horns)
  • Eb0b568a9af8a5.png Heaven's Judgement (hunter's coat)
  • 543be8eb9af8a7.png Heaven's Judgement (torn shirt)
  • 72ace87f9af8a9.png Heaven's Judgement (hunter's pants)
  • 86cbb1f9af8ab.png Heaven's Judgement (pointed tail)
  • 872c4ebf9af8ad.png Heaven's Judgement (fallen diabolos)

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