Heartbreaker (default, Judgment Hood, Ball-and-Chain - Left, Sharp Harness, and Love Guitar Back Mount)


"The Heartbreaker cuts right through the lovey-dovey stuff with a smashable guitar, a thwomping mallet, ball-and-chain, and a mask and harness that veer toward the naughty."


  • 522a9e958215 Heartbreaker
  • 287e5c8d8209 Heartbreaker (Judgment Hood)
  • 72c9e78f81cf Heartbreaker (Ball-and-Chain - Left)
  • 809b4ef81d1 Heartbreaker (Ball-and-Chain - Right)
  • 89e57feb81cd Heartbreaker (Swinging Aggro Ball-and-Chain)
  • D352c4e9820b Heartbreaker (Sharp Harness)
  • F767a9e6824b Heartbreaker (Love Guitar)
  • 8da7fa86824d Heartbreaker (Love Guitar Back Mount)
  • 329744e7824f Heartbreaker (Love Guitar SMASH)

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