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As the snow thaws, she emerges from her winter slumber, diamond ice crystal melting into a gown of sea foam. She gazes at her prey through shimmering curtains of melting frost tresses, beckoning them to join her as she floats weightless in the frigid water...


  • 7ccfabb3999115.png Haze Drop
  • 87e333d7999117.png Haze Drop (Droplet Shawl)
  • Fd2360b7999119.png Haze Drop (Seafoam Hair)
  • 7263951799911b.png Haze Drop (Droplet Top)
  • 8a3c67799911d.png Haze Drop (Flowing Seafoam Skirt)
  • B793781699911f.png Haze Drop (Floating)

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