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Was this always in La Victoire? Better stay away from it. It's making some strange... scraping noises?!! NOPE! You'd better not open this!


But perhaps it contains some new surprises for the brave Wing Scout in need...


The following items are new with Haunting Coffin:

  • E69ff7139b26b3.png [KINDRED] Autumn Leafkit
  • D84382769b26b9.png [KINDRED] Coral Cubdrop
  • 78a857649b26cd.png [KINDRED] Fossil Oppososaurus
  • 3cb471619b26c5.png [KINDRED] Furious Aerling
  • F005d0889b576d.png [KINDRED] Grunny
  • 26804049b26cb.png [KINDRED] Jasper Cabochomp
  • 92f39ad79b26bf.png [KINDRED] Night Echo
  • 3ac152719b58ab.png [KINDRED] Phantom Stagony
  • F9d157869b5769.png [Animal] Autumn Leafkit Fur
  • 831104e69b5767.png [Animal] Coral Ursadew Fur
  • C51f1469b5765.png [Animal] Furious Aerling Fur
  • 5548e7fb9b5753.png [Animal] Jasper Cabochomp Fur
  • 8dbd3a429b5761.png [Animal] Night Noctus Fur
  • Ffdc4c8c9b4d13.png Amber Spiked Wings
  • 8380c14a9b4e2d.png Astra: Azure Waters
  • 7600678a9b4e31.png Astra: Chilling Waters
  • Cc034ea9b4e2f.png Astra: Murky Waters
  • 493875e39b4d25.png Beryl Spiked Wings
  • 47944b479b4d2b.png Carnelian Spiked Wings
  • 709cb92c9b4d19.png Citrine Spiked Wings
  • D06d97d79b51d3.png Crimson Graveyard Crasher
  • 7d6cc0d99b4c95.png Demon Side Jaune
  • Bb3280679b4c79.png Demon Side Orange
  • 6e515fbd9b4ce3.png Demon Side Rouille
  • E8c52d139b4cd9.png Demon Side Toxique
  • Da26157f9b54eb.png Foxilicious Foxster
  • 3886d429b4d1f.png Lapis Spiked Wings
  • 78139ba69b551b.png The Erlking's Twilight Mantle

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