Haigha's Madness (all positions)


"Haigha was once the ordinary proprietor of a popular teahouse when an idea suddenly struck him: what if it was tea time all the time? A little poison in the cup was all it took..."


  • 3bf9e93698d18d Haigha's Madness
  • 84c9575798d18f Haigha's Madness (Messy hair)
  • 322d6e3898d191 Haigha's Madness (Grin)
  • 48ed3d5898d193 Haigha's Madness (Coat of surprises)
  • C7adc8f898d195 Haigha's Madness (Falling legs)
  • Bd6d9b9898d197 Haigha's Madness (Undead rat)

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  • This item references the March Hare from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

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