Golden Serpent: All positions


Golden Serpent is a legend among summoners. Once a simple snake charmer, he now has the ability to call forth a glittering serpent god. Wearing the gilded garb of a royal conjuror, he has so perfected his craft that his emerald eyes have become those of a snake, and his skin is decorated with golden scales.


  • 345d19fc98ab3f Golden Serpent
  • 70413ff998ab3b Golden Serpent (Snake Eyes)
  • Cf71819898ab3d Golden Serpent (Golden Spikes)
  • C1ddbf3c98ab43 Golden Serpent (Summoner Cape)
  • 4e9d4a9c98ab41 Golden Serpent (Summoner Kilt)
  • A816c9998ab39 Golden Serpent (Snake Skin)

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