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Glistening in the sun on a hot summer day, the California golden grizzly bear is distinguished from other native bears by its golden fur and sharp platinum teeth. It is said to be the rarest bear in the world, seeming to only exist in mythology and old wives tales. The few furs that exist are on display by the wealthiest collectors around the world due to the bears rarity.

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  • 7baf0b1b9aa279 Golden Grizz
  • C49fb57a9aa27b Golden Grizz (Grizzly Plush)
  • E9eace039aa27d Golden Grizz (Grizzly Plush Head Chomp)
  • 932a9d639aa27f Golden Grizz (Grizzly Plush In My Arms)
  • 1c6a68c39aa281 Golden Grizz (Hood Down)
  • 66aa3ba39aa283 Golden Grizz (Oversized Zipper)
  • D99a85c29aa285 Golden Grizz (Grizzly Mitts)
  • 22b61da69aa287 Golden Grizz (Grizzly Boots)
  • 58764ec69aa289 Golden Grizz (Grizzly Backpack)

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