"Just an old, musty paper umbrella, but it sure does give you the creeps."


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  • 4baa176d4e2d Furugasa
  • 9f1cb18d53f5 Furugasa (yorugasa)
  • 306684294f45 Furugasa (onibi)
  • Bf2671894f47 Furugasa (kitsunebi)
  • A103f68f584b Furugasa (kujukunen)
  • 2e43032f584d Furugasa (yorugasa kujukunen)
  • 5483504f584f Furugasa (onibi niban)
  • Ebb3ee2e5851 Furugasa (kitsunebi niban)
  • 109f764a5853 Furugasa (onibi ashimagari)
  • 6a5f252a5855 Furugasa (kitsunebi ashimagari)
  • E51fd08a5857 Furugasa (onibi kanzashi)
  • 9fdf83ea5859 Furugasa (kitsunebi kanzashi)
  • Ef03608d5e3b Furugasa (samekoto)
  • 6043952d5e3d Furugasa (yorugasa samekoto)
  • 1a83c64d5e3f Furugasa (onibi sanban)
  • A5b3782c5e41 Furugasa (kitsunebi sanban)
  • 245fb3285e45 Furugasa (onibi koshimaki)
  • Ab1f46885e47 Furugasa (kitsunebi koshimaki)
  • D1df15e85e49 Furugasa (onibi kubimaki)
  • 6eefab895e4b Furugasa (kitsunebi kubimaki)
  • 439ad0f05e4d Furugasa (onryo no kamikaburi)
  • C3ee4aa85ebd Furugasa (akagane chagama)
  • 4caebf085ebf Furugasa (koshoku chagama)
  • 366eec685ec1 Furugasa (akagane chagama chijo)
  • 895e52095ec3 Furugasa (koshoku chagama chijo)
  • 3fba6b665ec5 Furugasa (kochochin)
  • 457a38065ec7 Furugasa (kochochin-no-hi)
  • Ca3acda65ec9 Furugasa (yachochin)
  • B0fa9ec65ecb Furugasa (yachochin-no-hi)
  • 688129ee6285 Furugasa (keisei)
  • 12417a8e6287 Furugasa (yorugasa keisei)
  • 45f4529762ab Furugasa (onibi yonban)
  • F3106bf862ad Furugasa (kitsunebi yonban)
  • 690cd3862b1 Furugasa (onibi temagari)
  • 7c509e5862b3 Furugasa (kitsunebi temagari)
  • C360203962b5 Furugasa (tanuki chagama)
  • 384cb85d62b7 Furugasa (mujina chagama)
  • 428ceb3d62b9 Furugasa (tanuki chagama chijo)
  • Cdcc1e9d62bb Furugasa (mujina chagama chijo)
  • 3c9aac4862c5 Furugasa (kochochin obake)
  • 465aff2862c7 Furugasa (yachochin obake)
  • F96a414962c9 Furugasa (onryo no kaminoke)
  • C7e76f162db Furugasa (onryo no kaminoke - tondeiru)
  • 1992a97a653b Furugasa (momen)
  • Dc62447b653f Furugasa (okiku no sara)
  • 10462e746543 Furugasa (okiku no watta sara)
  • 83fdb1366649 Furugasa (otomodachi furugasa)
  • F93de256664b Furugasa (otomodachi yorugasa)
  • 83fdb1366649 Furugasa (ore wa furugasa)
  • F93de256664b Furugasa (ore wa yorugasa)
  • C7e197336651 Furugasa (kaoname)
  • 48a162936653 Furugasa (yorugasa kaoname)
  • 326131f36655 Furugasa (aka hitotsume)
  • 8d518f926657 Furugasa (ao hitotsume)
  • Abc68f066659 Furugasa (aka shita)
  • D106dc66665b Furugasa (ao shita)
  • C5d76bd06685 Furugasa (kasa boshi)
  • 2786d16689 Furugasa (yorugasa boshi)
  • E8bb875668f Furugasa (aka ipponashi)
  • 744beb156691 Furugasa (ao ipponashi)
  • 7d9f6c1b6695 Furugasa (onibi kohai)
  • 75f3f7b6697 Furugasa (kitsunebi kohai)
  • 8cc9dece66b3 Furugasa (onibi tsubasa)
  • F6098dae66b5 Furugasa (kitsunebi tsubasa)
  • 3892b6e66b9 Furugasa (onibi shotai)
  • Bcb9950f66bb Furugasa (kitsunebi shotai)
  • Db184b266bd Furugasa (tanuki)
  • 7771d7d266bf Furugasa (mujina)
  • F1e5a57c66dd Furugasa (onryo no sugata)
  • D1924d1e6715 Furugasa (onryo no koromo)
  • 507e861a6719 Furugasa (ittanmomen)
  • A5fe20da671d Furugasa (sara kazoe)

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