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Come and get a hold of a new skin for your inner animal!


The following items are new with [Animal] Fur Your Consideration:

  • [Animal] Arctic Lynx Cat Fur
  • [Animal] Black Tabby Cat Fur
  • [Animal] Border Collie Fur
  • [Animal] Brown Tabby Cat Fur
  • [Animal] Corgi Fur
  • [Animal] German Shepherd Fur
  • [Animal] Ice Husky Fur
  • [Animal] Leopard Cat Fur
  • [Animal] Lynx Cat Fur
  • [Animal] Orange Tabby Cat Fur
  • [Animal] Pink Siamese Cat Fur
  • [Animal] Polar Panda Fur
  • [Animal] Red Panda Fur
  • [Animal] Seal Point Cat Fur
  • [Animal] Siamese Cat Fur
  • [Animal] Snow Leopard Cat Fur
  • [Animal] Strawberry Panda Fur
  • [Animal] Sun Bear Fur


  • This item was granted from playing Lake Kindred during the 2016 Easter event.

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