"The mythic Frostbite, forged in Gaia's lonely glaciers by a particularly chilly association of sorcerers, will send shivers down the spines of your foes. This legendary weapon can take many forms; the hand of its bearer can guide its shape, causing it to crystallize into razor-sharp snowflakes and dire icicles."


  • 4ff02b333f35 Frostbite Blade
  • 353078533f37 Frostbite Blade (aura)
  • Ba708df33f39 Frostbite Staff
  • C0b0de933f3b Frostbite Staff (aura)
  • 7f8060f23f3d Frostbite Lance
  • 712c5e563f43 Frostbite Wing (left)
  • Fe6cabf63f41 Frostbite Wing (right)
  • 84acf8963f3f Frostbite Aura

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