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A blinding, hypnotic light fills the darkened sky, and you find yourself unable to move. What follows is the strangest night of your life.

n., pl., -ri·as, also -ries.
A fantastic sequence of haphazardly associative paranormal imagery; a constantly changing scene of unexplained events.
[Portmanteau of "forteana" and "phantasmagoria".]


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  • C99eb327e10f.png Forteanagoria
  • B35ee047e111.png Forteanagoria (Saucers)
  • C6e5e26e113.png Forteanagoria (Moonless Night)
  • Ba8a6749e115.png Forteanagoria (Unexplainable Lights)
  • E39371f4e12f.png Forteanagoria (Antigravity Hair)
  • 5ca3cf95e131.png Forteanagoria (Antigravity Hair - No Eyeshadow)
  • A78f57f1e133.png Forteanagoria (Antigravity Eyeshadow)
  • 898d8e06e429.png Forteanagoria (Missing Time)
  • 3f69b769e43f.png Forteanagoria (Crop Circles)
  • 45a9e409e441.png Forteanagoria (Crop Circles at Night)
  • Cae911a9e443.png Forteanagoria (Crop Circle Shirt)
  • B02942c9e445.png Forteanagoria (Night Crop Circle Shirt)
  • A6c95c95c77.png Forteanagoria (Crop Circles Tattoo)
  • F19fca8e447.png Forteanagoria (Night Crop Circles Tattoo)
  • 226c87d1e449.png Forteanagoria (Crop Circle Halo)
  • 58acd4b1e44b.png Forteanagoria (Night Crop Circle Halo)
  • B63b40d1e641.png Forteanagoria (The FBI gets involved)
  • Ff25f5cfe66f.png Forteanagoria (FBI Jacket)
  • Ec33395be6e7.png Forteanagoria (Misty Woodland)
  • 96f36a3be6e9.png Forteanagoria (Blobsquatch)
  • 19b39f9be6eb.png Forteanagoria (Hello Patty)
  • 6373ccfbe6ed.png Forteanagoria (My Pal Bigfoot)
  • 60bb36e737.png Forteanagoria (Big Feet)
  • 8f204e96e73d.png Forteanagoria (Sasquatch Skin)
  • D5c0261be8e7.png Forteanagoria (Rugged Sasquatch Fur Vest)
  • 5a80d3bbe8e9.png Forteanagoria (Stylish Sasquatch Fur Vest)
  • A9e26978eb25.png Forteanagoria (Mothman)
  • 16d2d719eb27.png Forteanagoria (Mothman Gives Chase)
  • 3045d78deb29.png Forteanagoria (Eyes of the Mothman)
  • 2f47b3cfee2b.png Forteanagoria (Wings of the Mothman)
  • 5587e0afee2d.png Forteanagoria (Indrid Cold, of Lanulos)
  • 2b91a7daee39.png Forteanagoria (Mr. Cold's Jacket)
  • Daec46ffee55.png Forteanagoria (Mr. Cold's Pants)
  • 89d8a97cf15f.png Forteanagoria (I Am Mothman)
  • F318fa1cf161.png Forteanagoria (Indrid Cold- No Craft)
  • 417d7479f3f3.png Forteanagoria (Men in Black)
  • 3bbd2719f3f5.png Forteanagoria (MIB's Hat)
  • 3269a017f401.png Forteanagoria (MIB's Glasses)
  • 25822b66f471.png Forteanagoria (MIB's Jacket)
  • 9ab29507f473.png Forteanagoria (MIB's Pants)
  • 5b946c13f475.png Forteanagoria (Black Triangle)
  • Ebdd95ecf633.png Forteanagoria (Cigar-Shaped Craft)
  • 54ed2b8df635.png Forteanagoria (Unmarked Black Helicopters)
  • Afc1b3e9f637.png Forteanagoria (Mokele Mbembe)
  • D501e089f639.png Forteanagoria (El Chupacabras)
  • 5a411529f63b.png Forteanagoria (Ropen)
  • 9fb1f828f63f.png Forteanagoria (Mokele's Tail)
  • 82b4c890f649.png Forteanagoria (Mokele Skin Boots)
  • 799850f4f64b.png Forteanagoria (Chupacabras Spines)
  • 4a46b68af66f.png Forteanagoria (Chupacabras Gloves)
  • 749ac3eff675.png Forteanagoria (Ropen Skin Belt)
  • C40a830ef6e3.png Forteanagoria (Wings of the Ropen)
  • D832db8bf953.png Forteanagoria (the Montauk Monster)
  • 670265eaf955.png Forteanagoria (Montauk Monster's Tail)
  • E6eeaeeef959.png Forteanagoria (Montauk Monster's Ears)
  • 522671abfb0d.png Forteanagoria (Jersey Devil)
  • A90ae9cffb0f.png Forteanagoria (Flatwoods Monster)
  • D3cabaaffb11.png Forteanagoria (Gawky Devil Legs)
  • 5c8a4f0ffb13.png Forteanagoria (Ridiculous Little Arms)
  • Aa30d508fb45.png Forteanagoria (Awkward Devil Wings)
  • D0f08668fb47.png Forteanagoria (Feeble Devil Tail)
  • Babf66efb81.png Forteanagoria (Flatwoods Cowl)
  • 716ba50efb83.png Forteanagoria (Flatwoods Eyes)
  • Ce5b1b6ffb85.png Forteanagoria (Flatwoods Skirt)
  • 88261206fce9.png Forteanagoria (I Am Jersey Devil)
  • 30b7acd3fe21.png Forteanagoria (I Am Flatwoods Monster)
  • Eae01cf1fefd.png Forteanagoria (Reptilian Alien)
  • 55d0a290feff.png Forteanagoria (Reptilian Politician)
  • E9da2036ff2b.png Forteanagoria (Reptilian Agent Mask)
  • D7065553ff39.png Forteanagoria (Reptilian Shapeshifter Mask)
  • 75640805ffa5.png Forteanagoria (Reptilian Agent Body)
  • Fa45b65ffa7.png Forteanagoria (Reptilian Shapeshifter Body)
  • B094e504ffa9.png Forteanagoria (Reptilian Agent Cloaking Glitch)
  • 4bb87d60ffab.png Forteanagoria (Reptilian Shapeshifter Cloaking Glitch)
  • C99eb327e10f.png Forteanagoria (Gray)
  • 6f8d60ff10295.png Forteanagoria (Gray Mask)
  • 20733d17102d5.png Forteanagoria (Gray Body)
  • 5ab36e77102d7.png Forteanagoria (Space Brother)
  • Af33c8b7102db.png Forteanagoria (Space Brother Gloves)
  • 5772bf9b1037b.png Forteanagoria (Space Brother Boots)
  • 136e999e1037f.png Forteanagoria (Space Brother Bodysuit)
  • 9c2e6c3e10385.png Forteanagoria (Close Encounter)
  • 231ed25f10387.png Forteanagoria (Gray Skin)

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