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In loving memory~

Your fish left you a gift...



This item is granted when any fish labeled "[lite]" in the user's aquarium dies.


When opened, one of the following is randomly granted:

  • Gold plus large2 platinum.gif Platinum (or Gold)
  • 3863ce26186cd.png Tokens

Aquarium Items[]

  • 5733871697d.png Aquarium Arrow Fish
  • A9c1dbfc6915.png Aquarium Background (Fun Machine)
  • D301889c6917.png Aquarium Background (Gaia)
  • 971dae996923.png Aquarium Background (I Heart Fish)
  • 6b498f57692f.png Aquarium Background (Town)
  • A0155cf26939.png Aquarium Big Gem
  • 84b4a0856963.png Aquarium Christmas Gift
  • 2aeb8ba6d45.png Aquarium Cuttlefish
  • 220d22b6945.png Aquarium Earth
  • 83cc192f6949.png Aquarium Fountain
  • 49741ba96b1d.png Aquarium Goldfish
  • Bc7e48028459.png Aquarium Hermit Cat
  • 41444d84695f.png Aquarium Pirate Skull
  • 8ece8a34696f.png Aquarium Space Robot

Equippable Items[]

Game Items[]

  • 11f06139f445d.png Ashes
  • 6b303259f445f.png Barbed Suture
  • 80ada9ff18718.png Black Ink
  • Ddf63a2f186c6.png Black Pebbo Feeder
  • B419074118715.png Blue Ink
  • A04ed0e5186aa.png Blue Seedkin
  • B29b92018717.png Brown Ink
  • 68ae5f95186af.png Brown Pebbo Feeder
  • 9eb09499f4463.png Burnt Filament
  • 21802af8f4465.png Chalk
  • Daacb29cf4467.png Chiffon
  • 7c7fe823186d5.png Cricket
  • 7cf9883118710.png Crumpled Blue Construction Paper
  • 3b59f2e11870f.png Crumpled Green Construction Paper
  • 2eabccb1870c.png Crumpled Newspaper
  • C46826f18712.png Crumpled Newsprint
  • 639db511870e.png Crumpled Red Construction Paper
  • 38e5ae3418708.png Crumpled Zerox Paper Goldenrod
  • 585878418709.png Crumpled Zerox Paper White
  • 2f2c145cf446b.png Cutin
  • 3f8a957b1870d.png Dirty Crumpled Newspaper
  • 55ec473cf446d.png Eggshell
  • 5c38c032f4471.png Fabric Swatches
  • 6bfbb43186d3.png Firefly (game)
  • 7fd43613186dd.png Green Dragonfly
  • 66026131186a9.png Green Seedkin
  • 26f89352f4473.png Gum Rubber
  • D3783592f4477.png Harmless Spores
  • Eda440f7f447d.png Irradiated Stone
  • 1824e637f4481.png Magnetic Chip
  • 6632a142f4485.png Microchip
  • 7f45d4e41870b.png Old Crumpled Newspaper
  • 7c686ac8186ea.png Pink Daffodil
  • 62c6844e186c4.png Pink Seedkin
  • 4b771a48186e7.png Purple Daisies
  • 48cb469d186e0.png Red Beetle
  • 4b6098ad186d8.png Red Butterfly
  • 42b41fa3186dc.png Red Dragonfly
  • Ced9542118713.png Red Ink
  • 1cf2f222f4487.png Rose Quartz
  • D7ae2187f4491.png Superduperglue
  • 58eed427f4493.png Toggle
  • 9d1e3926f4497.png Used Tissue
  • Bb8939b2f4499.png Weak Acid
  • 46677839186ee.png White Carnation
  • Cd76098186e8.png White Daisies
  • 55ce7625186ae.png White Pebbo Feeder
  • 7600b11d186d9.png Yellow Butterfly
  • 41084378186eb.png Yellow Daffodil
  • 3649909018716.png Yellow Ink

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