First Frost (all positions)


"The nymph’s Autumn beauty succumbs to this wintry spell, icy diamonds forming on her gown and body. Her eyes grow heavy, cold crystals sparkling in her hair, and she prepares for her Winter slumber."


  • 4098d85b13a91 First Frost
  • Ffa8663a13a8f First Frost (Frosted Maple Gown)
  • Bbb4403f13a93 First Frost (Frosty Locks)
  • C174135f13a95 First Frost (Frosted Maple Anklets)
  • 4e34e6ff13a97 First Frost (Frosted Maple Shawl)
  • 34f4b59f13a99 First Frost (Lacy Frost)

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