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A trainer, a fellow companion and the start of a new journey!


  • 4fddee5e9b6855.png Fireheart Red
  • B4f1763a9b6857.png Fireheart Red (Trusty Hat)
  • Ce31255a9b6859.png Fireheart Red (Messenger Bag)
  • 3c8462c69b6f07.png Fireheart Red (Bangs)
  • B3c497669b6f09.png Fireheart Red (Hair)
  • E6b146189b7cf1.png Fireheart Red (YEAH!)
  • 9c7115789b7cf3.png Fireheart Red (Jacket)
  • 2341ab199b7cf5.png Fireheart Red (Companion)
  • B37fba849b82d7.png Fireheart Red (Item Finding)
  • C9bfe9e49b82d9.png Fireheart Red (Loot!!)
  • 768f57859b82db.png Fireheart Red (Running Around)
  • 31e415b19b8b15.png Fireheart Red (Gloves)
  • 4b2446d19b8b17.png Fireheart Red (Skirt)
  • F414f8b09b8b19.png Fireheart Red (Legs)
  • 45eee2c39b90c9.png Fireheart Red (Onyx's Hair)
  • 3f2eb1a39b90cb.png Fireheart Red (Are You Ready?)
  • 801e0fc29b90cd.png Fireheart Red (Prepare to Battle!)
  • 7b3297a69b90cf.png Fireheart Red (Bracelet Activate)
  • 1f2c4c69b90d1.png Fireheart Red (Battleground)

Related Items[]


  • 87dee37c9cc461.png Azureheart Tactics
  • E00d13dd9de67b.png BrilliantHeart Esmerelda
  • 257c17a9dc8cf.png ElectricHeart Yellow
  • 171addce9edab9.png Himeheart Bunni
  • 51e9be369edd0d.png Hueheart Splash
  • A0624fa39dc8af.png IceHeart Crystal
  • 97795dfa9cfb9d.png Jane's Lazy Ponytail
  • Fb296b8f9bf02d.png Leafheart Green
  • 408c22f79d5e31.png Le Wild Hairs
  • 6b3da3dd9e9cf7.png Serafiella's Messy Ponytail
  • 195c05b29bbb8d.png Waterheart Blue
  • 73d60db69e1d71.png Zephyrheart Sea

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