Fire Flower (all positions except Hot Head and Tribal Mask)


"The Fire Flower grows only in the volcanic islands of Gaia's tropics, which have a rich tradition of using the flowers in their native customs. These flowers are typically worn on the head, or fashioned into firey ceremonial garments: flowered capes, volcanic wigs and ornamental tiki masks."


  • F39c43b333fb Fire Flower
  • 4cacfdd233fd Fire Flower (Wreath)
  • B78065b633ff Fire Flower (Hot Head)
  • Cd4036d63401 Fire Flower (Hot Head Eruption)
  • 4200c3763403 Fire Flower (Tribal Mask)
  • 38c090163405 Fire Flower (Flaming Tribal Mask)
  • 87f02e773407 Fire Flower (Fire Staff)
  • 311417183409 Fire Flower (Fire Cloak)

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