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A mage of Lalune once found a magical trinket and got more then they bargained for.


  • 7c8458c99bae21.png Fickle Woe
  • C3b4e6a89bae23.png Fickle Woe (hair)
  • 7550dfc79bae25.png Fickle Woe (patched face)
  • F908ca79bae27.png Fickle Woe (tattered collar)
  • 80d079079bae29.png Fickle Woe (mage's sleeves)
  • Fa102a679bae2b.png Fickle Woe (mage's suit)
  • 452094069bae2d.png Fickle Woe (mage's strut)
  • Be0c0c629bae2f.png Fickle Woe (mage's prance)

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  • 278792cda1953b.png Andraste's Woe
  • 744682849e35a5.png Breezy Woe
  • 751dc01c9a7ecb.png Capricious Woe
  • 7fa2a3e79c0eaf.png Enhanced Capricious Woe
  • Db0140149b4305.png Mercurial Woe
  • 1b7e19739cb40d.png Mutable Woe
  • 321ec5ea9ac141.png Turbulent Woe
  • 2a87a1069ea1af.png Twilight Capricious Woe
  • 45ae0f959a8d6b.png Volatile Woe

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