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[Animal] Festival Kitsunebi (all positions except envelope)


900 years old, but this Kitsune still enjoys a good Festival! She'll give a ring of her magical Kitsunebi bell to announce the start of the joyous occasion!


  • 2b04a02f996bc9.png [Animal] Festival Kitsunebi
  • 51c4f34f996bcb.png [Animal] Festival Kitsunebi (Hair)
  • De8406ef996bcd.png [Animal] Festival Kitsunebi (Face)
  • A444558f996bcf.png [Animal] Festival Kitsunebi (Sly Trickery)
  • 1b74ebee996bd1.png [Animal] Festival Kitsunebi (Tabi Leggings)
  • E058738a996bd3.png [Animal] Festival Kitsunebi (Festival Bell)
  • 9a9820ea996bd5.png [Animal] Festival Kitsunebi (Kitsune Fur)
  • 36d82989996deb.png July 2014 Collectible Envelope

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