Fearless Shaman: All positions except Eyes and envelope


"Only when you have mastered all of your senses will you truly become one with yourself."


  • 5d4226409a55c9.png Fearless Shaman
  • 9fca72eb9a55db.png Fearless Shaman (Coat)
  • 278275209a55cb.png Fearless Shaman (Hair)
  • 108a874b9a55dd.png Fearless Shaman (Belt)
  • 6a4ad42b9a55df.png Fearless Shaman (Pants)
  • D57a6a4a9a55e1.png Fearless Shaman (eye cover)
  • 2e56f22e9a55e3.png Fearless Shaman (Eyes)
  • Fc4d05ee9a4b55.png January 2015 Collectible Envelope

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