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They call them Ravagers. Scavengers, picking cybernetics off the fallen before the Psycho Squad gets called in for cleanup. And if some of them speed up the falling part, well...


  • Eb2d47e499e6fb.png Fallout Ravager
  • C6583c9d99e6fd.png Fallout Ravager (top)
  • Bc986ffd99e6ff.png Fallout Ravager (boots)
  • 33d89a5d99e701.png Fallout Ravager (flashback)
  • 4918c93d99e703.png Fallout Ravager (identifying marks)
  • F628775c99e705.png Fallout Ravager (dreadlocks)
  • 77c4bc5899e709.png Fallout Ravager (hoodie)
  • F88449f899e70b.png Fallout Ravager (scarf)
  • 82441a9899e70d.png Fallout Ravager (gloves)

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  • 88e73f1899f37d.png Fallout Bandit
  • D31e8d3c9b29b5.png Fallout Brigand
  • D736bb669aa28b.png Fallout Deceiver
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  • Ddbde4d399e745.png Fallout Marauder
  • E5535fe09b3f0b.png Fallout Outlaw
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  • E4167f579b29c7.png Fallout Racketeer
  • E2d2931a99edbd.png Fallout Ripper
  • 58a37b7e9fa62d.png Fallout Rogue
  • C9cbe6499e773.png Fallout Rustler
  • 35d0133c99e279.png Fallout Scrounge
  • Dd73059a9ae687.png Fallout Swindler
  • 247e8f6599f36b.png Fallout Trickster
  • 31df5f1799dd3b.png Fallout Vulture

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