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They call them Deceivers. Scavengers, picking cybernetics off the fallen before the Psycho Squad gets called in for cleanup. And if some of them speed up the falling part, well...

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  • D736bb669aa28b Fallout Deceiver
  • Adf6e8069aa28d Fallout Deceiver (top)
  • 12c656679aa28f Fallout Deceiver (boots)
  • A4226f089aa291 Fallout Deceiver (flashback)
  • Dee23c689aa293 Fallout Deceiver (identifying marks)
  • 51a2c9c89aa295 Fallout Deceiver (dreadlocks)
  • 2b629aa89aa297 Fallout Deceiver (hoodie)
  • 945224c99aa299 Fallout Deceiver (scarf)
  • 6f7ebcad9aa29b Fallout Deceiver (gloves)

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