Fading Ember (all positions)


Fading Ember embodies of the last warmth of summer and the chilly days to come. Her dress, skirt, and boots are covered in molten gold, and her red-hot tresses are streaked with gold. Her regal headdress drips with rare fire rubies, magical gems that emit a gentle heat to warm you as autumn leaves start to fall.


  • Dd2e4e9616d11 Fading Ember
  • D7c0f55f16d5f Fading Ember (Red Hot Tresses)
  • A7ee1df616d0f Fading Ember (Glowing Gold Bolero)
  • 621ef0f716d13 Fading Ember (Autumnal Dress)
  • Ad00a63f16d61 Fading Ember (Bejeweled Skirt)
  • 588000ff16d5d Fading Ember (Glowing Gilded Boots)

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