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The Engima Institute is recognized throughout the world as being the foremost academy for the young and talented. Being admitted is an exhausting process, with only the best and the brightest students selected to actually attend the Institute. But things are not what they seem...

Use the Cheat Sheet to find the mystery faster!

Enigma Institute: Cheat Sheet

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Students have been mysteriously vanishing from the halls of the Enigma Institute! Rumors of this eerie crime have peaked the interest of the newest transfer student (and budding detective) -- you! It’s entirely up to you to crack this case and solve the mystery.

Select your protagonist and investigate the halls to discover who could possibly be the mastermind behind it all. You have a hunch you know who it could be!

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If the user selects the blue arrow (left), the following is granted:

If the user selects the red arrow (right), the following is granted:

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