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There was once a poor little girl who worked so hard all of her life to take care of her family. Dressed in rags for clothing, she was selfless and never dared to spend on herself. At the height of summer, there was a festival in which all of the town would dress up and party. A faerie descended one day and gave her this veil, a simple cloth that would ensure that her true beauty would be shown to everyone. That night at the festival, she found her true love.


  • 10ac80011f01.png Elegant Veil
  • 5063c19e1f03.png Elegant Veil (Ribbons)
  • 7d16bae71f05.png Elegant Veil (Love is Blind)
  • 7d6e9871f07.png Elegant Veil (Wrapped Top)
  • 7769e3d91f09.png Elegant Veil (Stylish Top)
  • Da9b0b91f0b.png Elegant Veil (Stylish Skirt)
  • 4d66f1261f0d.png Elegant Veil (Billowy Skirt)
  • 49b596be1f0f.png Elegant Veil (Graceful Hands)
  • 3375c5de1f11.png Elegant Veil (Wings of Pearl)

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