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Mani-pedi at nine, juice brunch at eleven, Dermajuvenew (TM) facial peel at noon, highlights at one, cut, perm and salon blowout at two, sauna at three--but don't be late for the chakra-opening seminar at four or you'll miss your toxin-clearing dinner at five! So relaxing, don't you think?



  • Cf3777519a14ef.png Elegant Getaway
  • 407782f19a14f1.png Elegant Getaway (beehive)
  • 3ab7d1919a14f3.png Elegant Getaway (Starry hairpin)
  • 85876ff09a14f5.png Elegant Getaway (Stockings)
  • 7eabf7949a14f7.png Elegant Getaway (Jewelry)
  • 46ba4f49a14f9.png Elegant Getaway (Robe)
  • 8b2b51549a14fb.png Elegant Getaway (Makeup)
  • F1eb02349a14fd.png Elegant Getaway (Ruffled boy shorts)
  • 4edbbc559a14ff.png Elegant Getaway (Me time)

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