Dystopian Hero (all positions except letter)


"Little is known about his life prior to being found near dead and pieced back together as a humanoid machine, but he 's compelled to use his enhanced abilities to serve and protect those who are weak in this unforgiving world."


  • A93a07fa9aa5e5 Dystopian Hero
  • 3b7fc2e29aa619 Dystopian Hero (Hair)
  • Da2ed3949aa5f3 Dystopian Hero (scarf)
  • 28d6ccfe9aa5e1 Dystopian Hero (Sword)
  • 267af25a9aa5e7 Dystopian Hero (robotics)
  • 5cbaa13a9aa5e9 Dystopian Hero (Pants)
  • 651e6df59aa5f5 Dystopian Hero (open desert)
  • 60a4fe529a4b63 March 2015 Collectible Envelope

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