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Dying Revenants are a deceptively powerful class of necromancer. Though they usually exhibit a calm exterior, provocation will unleash a storm of hidden anger. Their companions strike profound fear into the hearts of their enemies, leaving them paralyzed and defenseless.

Positions[edit | edit source]

  • 8738b22f13c21.png Dying Revenant
  • 45c2b123991b17.png Dying Revenant (Dead Flower Comb)
  • Ca824483991b19.png Dying Revenant (floating)
  • B04217e3991b1b.png Dying Revenant (Black Chignon)
  • F72a982991b1d.png Dying Revenant (Funeral Robe)
  • F45e31e6991b1f.png Dying Revenant (Restless Spirit)
  • 8e9e6286991b21.png Dying Revenant (Funeral Lantern)

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