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I'm on the hunt for a cute guy! All of them, actually. I want them all to myself. Every. Single. One. If guys can get away with playing the field and flirting with a bunch of girls at once, then I can do the same and catch lots of guys, so that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

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  • Fb59e5ee9c642f Dreamy Hunter
  • 7419104e9c6431 Dreamy Hunter (Poisoned Dyed)
  • Ed9432e9c6433 Dreamy Hunter (Rad Dress)
  • B1e9fd4f9c6435 Dreamy Hunter (Bon Boom!)
  • 4ac5652b9c6437 Dreamy Hunter (The Mysterious Boy)
  • 3005364b9c6439 Dreamy Hunter (3/4 Dress)

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This recolor was designed by user Serafiella.

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