Dragon Hunter (all positions except envelope)


"Daring to find what many people believed to be one of the fiercest creatures known to man-- He set forth in hunt for a dragon. Little did he know, the creatures that people feared so much were not as menacing as he was lead to believe."


  • Ecb26e9f9c649b Dragon Hunter
  • 77232c899c6473 Dragon Hunter (Hair)
  • D26e1bfa9c6495 Dragon Hunter (Eyes)
  • 475367489c647b Dragon Hunter (beard)
  • 5a5657f09c6485 Dragon Hunter (Shirt)
  • Dbba9cf49c6489 Dragon Hunter (bear cloak)
  • 82a38a499c6477 Dragon Hunter (Pants)
  • 6e4fed339c4ce1 March 2016 Collectible Envelope

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