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Then angels will shoot arrows at the loved ones of those they've been sent to protect, and a miracle will happen.


  • Ecad868f9b9197.png Divine Gatekeeper
  • 966dd5ef9b9199.png Divine Gatekeeper (Hair Accessory)
  • 192d204f9b919b.png Divine Gatekeeper (Headwings)
  • 63ed732f9b919d.png Divine Gatekeeper (Flowing Hair)
  • Dcddcd4e9b919f.png Divine Gatekeeper (Short Hair)
  • 6a39f4219b91a1.png Divine Gatekeeper (Eyes)
  • 10f9a7419b91a3.png Divine Gatekeeper (Mouth)
  • 9fb952e19b91a5.png Divine Gatekeeper (Collar)
  • E57901819b91a7.png Divine Gatekeeper (X Belt)
  • 5a49bfe09b91a9.png Divine Gatekeeper (Skirtwings)
  • A16527849b91ab.png Divine Gatekeeper (Undergarments)
  • Dba574e49b91ad.png Divine Gatekeeper (Shirt)
  • 54e581449b91af.png Divine Gatekeeper (Gloves)
  • 2e25d2249b91b1.png Divine Gatekeeper (Legs)

Related Items[]

  • F09c73fe9964d5.png Celestial Gatekeeper
  • Aeaa9ed6997697.png Cherubic Gatekeeper
  • Cd861bd89b063d.png Devoted Gatekeeper
  • 3015f98099c865.png Disdainful Gatekeeper
  • 75f556b599589f.png Fallen Gatekeeper
  • Fb7a21c6995711.png Heavenly Gatekeeper
  • Beb12a3d9a60c7.png My Moon and Star Keeper
  • C1a5b6a79b53a3.png Programmed Gridkeeper
  • 80b29b5799654d.png Ruthless Gatekeeper
  • 5953ded9998a15.png Sardonic Gatekeeper
  • Da542efa99a941.png Scornful Gatekeeper
  • B33b783b9e4621.png The Checkmate Overlord Returns
  • Aa6a6fb9bdfc9.png Velvetine Gatekeeper
  • A4aa6e969a6b0f.png Vengeful Gatekeeper
  • 831450329b4e47.png Vivid Gatekeeper

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