Description[edit | edit source]

A wise and benevolent princess who uses her wisdom and her sorcerous gifts to guide her people.

Positions[edit | edit source]

  • 87acf95a9aa451.png Discerning Ruler
  • 7c80613e9aa453.png Discerning Ruler (Tabard)
  • 640325e9aa455.png Discerning Ruler (Face)
  • 8900c7fe9aa457.png Discerning Ruler (Staff)
  • F3c0949e9aa459.png Discerning Ruler (Hair)
  • 4cf02aff9aa45b.png Discerning Ruler (Pauldrons)
  • Fa1413909aa45d.png Discerning Ruler (Bra)
  • 80d440f09aa45f.png Discerning Ruler (Gown)

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