Who knows what lives in this seemingly ordinary pot? The door is open to all sorts of possibilities.


  • 48902baa4eb3 Dionaesil
  • 48902baa4eb3 Dionaesil Stage 1 pose
  • 8bd7fdd25055 Dionaesil (sprout)
  • F117aeb25057 Dionaesil (ground sprout version)
  • 4e2710d35059 Dionaesil (head sprout version)
  • B67c9c165333 Dionaesil (flower)
  • 7748dab5335 Dionaesil (ground flower version)
  • 7db4decb5337 Dionaesil (head flower version)
  • 2cb6cdab54fd Dionaesil (three flowers)
  • 938673ca54ff Dionaesil (ground threeflower version)
  • 25624aa55501 Dionaesil (head threeflower version)
  • 88f74a6c56a7 Dionaesil (first traps)
  • 7b7bfcc56a9 Dionaesil (ground first traps version)
  • 7d77ecac56ab Dionaesil (head first traps version)
  • Fe23b1da5ae7 Dionaesil (vegetable smile)
  • 84e3e2ba5ae9 Dionaesil (vegetable smile ground version)
  • Ba3171a5aeb Dionaesil (vegetable smile head version)
  • 8035f6af5af7 Dionaesil (feed me!)
  • 3f0548ce5af9 Dionaesil (feed me! ground version)
  • F4599b6b5b03 Dionaesil (feed me! head version)
  • B0d12c165b09 Dionaesil (takin' a stroll)
  • 5aeccd3c6143 Dionaesil (more vegetable smile)
  • Ebe4dc816145 Dionaesil (more vegetable smile ground version)
  • 10c844e56157 Dionaesil (feed me, see? more!)
  • A62c7d8a6159 Dionaesil (feed me, see? more! ground version)
  • Dcec2eea615b Dionaesil (flytrap hood)
  • 53acdb4a615d Dionaesil (flytrap face clasper)
  • 3dbd3f9c6181 Dionaesil (flytrap collar)
  • 8c21bf59618d Dionaesil (flytrap hands)
  • 3614af9618f Dionaesil (flytrap hairpin)
  • E12134b86211 Dionaesil (chastity belt)
  • F8c3b80c6565 Dionaesil (birth of venus flytrap)
  • 47f3066d6567 Dionaesil (cup of dionaesus)
  • 8bd76c62656b Dionaesil (pitcher of dionaesus)
  • 49799c2656d Dionaesil (vines of venus)
  • 49799c2656d Dionaesil (vines of venus - wrap)
  • 408bbfc76575 Dionaesil (flower hairpin)
  • C00dbfe165b1 Dionaesil (vegetable skin)
  • 90c02e5265cf Dionaesil (vegetable abomination)
  • 1f80dbf265d1 Dionaesil (vegetable hunger)
  • 90c02e5265cf Dionaesil (i am dionaesil)
  • 1f80dbf265d1 Dionaesil (i am dionaesil's hunger)
  • 6540889265d3 Dionaesil (wings of venus)
  • Da7036f365d5 Dionaesil (the door is open)
  • 215cae9765d7 Dionaesil (jaws of venus)
  • E0eec6fb65f7 Dionaesil (flytrap head)
  • 6fae335b65f9 Dionaesil (flytrap head - open)


  • This item represents a Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) plant.
  • The feed me, see? more! positions reference a line from Little Shop of Horrors.
  • The birth of venus flytrap position references Botticelli's The Birth of Venus painting, using the plant in place of Venus's shell.

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