Dazzling Rose (all positions except envelope)


Star of the show, the Dazzling Rose draws the awe of all who see her, gripping them with wonder and excitement as she performs aerial feats of dance on her trapeze!


  • Ca1c00f99bb749 Dazzling Rose
  • Eb6728bf9bb837 Dazzling Rose (Hair Ornament)
  • 4952a6669bb83f Dazzling Rose (Hair)
  • Bcd200a69bb83b Dazzling Rose (Corset)
  • 545796de9bb835 Dazzling Rose (Skirt)
  • C61253c69bb839 Dazzling Rose (Boots)
  • 3392f5069bb83d Dazzling Rose (Trapeze)
  • 2a3df7d99a86e1 October 2015 Collectible Envelope

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