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Code names Recoil, Collateral Damage, AoE, The Bad Samaritan--you seeing a trend? But yeah, she'll get you there safe and in style if you don't mind the fallout, creds on delivery.


  • 3a3857b199ab89.png Darkside Fixer
  • 40f804d199ab8b.png Darkside Fixer (sarcastic face)
  • Cfb8f17199ab8d.png Darkside Fixer (engineer boots)
  • B578a21199ab8f.png Darkside Fixer (thigh pouch)
  • A481c7099ab91.png Darkside Fixer (tire tread tank)
  • F164841499ab93.png Darkside Fixer (braided mohawk)
  • 8ba4d77499ab95.png Darkside Fixer (moto vest)
  • 4e422d499ab97.png Darkside Fixer (stance)
  • 7e2471b499ab99.png Darkside Fixer (skull-knee jeans)
  • C114cfd599ab9b.png Darkside Fixer (moto jacket)

Related Items[]

  • 3059fbe899ffaf.png Dawnside Fixer
  • Cfa20a9899af57.png Dayside Fixer
  • Cd666c0599b02f.png Duskside Fixer
  • 3a837a53999fef.png Nightside Fixer
  • 7d915ae399ff9b.png Toxic Fixer
  • 193249cd9b0dff.png Twilightside Fixer

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