"The general looked up into the sky and that's when he saw it heading towards his army at immeasurable speed. 'What is that?' a soldier exclaimed. 'It looks like a small moon!' another cried. The general lowered his sword and gasped, 'That's no moon.' Those were his last words as the gigantic ninja star impaled him in the chest."


  • 36e2b4b32dd5 Dark Star
  • 465dbeed2dd7 Dark Star (Southern Cross)
  • 61579caa2de5 Dark Star (PWNED)
  • 3c9ded8d2dd9 Dark Star (Back Stab)
  • 7c52ac122ddb Dark Star (Starry-eyed Surprise)
  • 5127d76b2ddd Dark Star (Mini Stars)
  • 2be7840b2ddf Dark Star (Shuriken Blades)
  • A4a771ab2de1 Dark Star (Cross Blades)
  • 2198dd352de3 Dark Star (Assault Formation)

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