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Dark Omen (all positions except default)


This soothsayer may be beautiful, but her fortune is bad news for you. Dressed in funereal black and obscured by a jeweled mourning veil, the tea leaves in her chalice reveal a dark fate. She can change your luck, but it will come at a steep price...


  • 85c1993998ab37.png Dark Omen
  • F139658598ab31.png Dark Omen (Jeweled Veil)
  • 4e09dbe498ab33.png Dark Omen (Ribboned Lavender Locks)
  • 8bf936e598ab2f.png Dark Omen (Jeweled Gown)
  • 4b9c34598ab2d.png Dark Omen (Gathered Overskirt)
  • Ff01ca5998ab35.png Dark Omen (Lis Nouvelles)

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